Health Coach Programs

Your program can be person to person, via phone, video messenger/skype – location is no barrier.

1 Health History Session
12 Health Coach Sessions (every two weeks)

What we will cover during your program:

  • Discover your goals and develop your call to action to achieve these
  • Meal Planning to make healthy food in busy lives convenient, easy and delicious
  • Seasonal eating and whole foods
  • Personal Insights – what are your triggers, stressors and habits
  • What exercise regime would suit you and your schedule
  • Daily healthy eating habits, so you can be healthy anywhere you go
  • How to eat out healthy
  • Mindfulness, meditation and positive mind set
  • Explore your circle of life and what that looks like for you, areas to be tweaked, areas you are content with
  • Learn positive skills in a sustainable way to improve health and wellbeing for life
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